आज की चौपाई

मैं पूछत हों ब्रहमसृष्ट को, दिल की दीजो बताए||टेक||
जो कोई ब्रहम सृष्ट का, सो देखियो दिल विचार|
कहियो तेहेकीक करके, जिनों जो किया करार||१||
किरंतन.. प्र.. १०५

About Us

To seek Nijanand or the state of supreme eternal bliss is the ultimate human quest.

Dear Soul! YOU have reached to this site due to Gods Divine Grace and because He Loves YOU. YOU have been attracted by your invisible, original relationship with that Perfect Divine. Neither have YOU chosen to come to this site, nor have WE invited YOU! In reality, the Lord of Lord Supreme Brahmn Prannath has chosen to bring His Spiritual Bride. His Soul that's YOU - back Home, the Supreme Eternal Blissful Abode. Awake! O my soul!
To seek Nijanand or the state of supreme eternal bliss is the ultimate human quest. The Divine Wisdom taught by Sri Nijanand Sampradaya enlightens the seeker’s path to eternity and Supreme Bliss.
Let there be peace and happiness,
Let all living beings attain Eternity,
Let my Spiritual Brides come to me.
I am here, waiting for all.
This is the purpose and promise of the Supreme Lord Prannathji.

Spiritual awakening or Jagni of an individual soul is essential for the fulfillment of this purpose. In the Holy Kuljam Swaroop, the Fifth Veda, the Lord says:
Kshar Akshar ke Paar hai, Piya Aksharateet Adhar |
Bina Sanmandh na Payiye, jo Kotin karo Achaar ||

This defines the scope and the uniqueness of Sri Nijanand Sampradaya. Although, it may sound sectarian, it truly allows a seeker to cross all the barriers, including that of sects, cultures, religions, and isms. The term Nijanand is used in context of Supreme Heaven Paramdham, which is beyond Vaikuntha, Sunya, Nirakaar and even Goloka in the eternal Yogmaya of the Akshar Brahmn. While one may describe his experiences of Vaikuntha, Sunya, Nirakaar, Christ or Krishna as supreme or equivalent of Nijanand, the truly ultimate Nijanand lies beyond the highest understood Krishna and Christ Consciousness. Dear Soul! You may find all the worldly happiness by living a good and virtuous life. You may practice any path to self-realization. You may believe God with thousands of different names and forms. But, the Lord of Lords Sri Prannathji says that the true Nijanand is to be found:
In the divine lotus feet of the Supreme Brahmn Aksharateet, who is beyond both, this phenomenal creation of Kshar Purusha (Lord Adi Narayana), and the eternal Yogmaya of Akshar Brahmn.
Beyond the eternal Brij and Raas Leela of Lord Sri Krishna in the eternal Golok the ultimate of Vaishnavism.
In visualizing spiritual oneness among Sri Krishna, Moses, Prophet Muhammad, and Jesus Christ.
In realizing that the long-awaited Kalki or Buddha Niskalank Avatar of Hindus, the Last Imam Mehndi of Muslims, the Second Christ of Christians, and the Messiah of the Jews are all same.
In realizing the fact that the Supreme God is nameless. No worldly label, including the name Sri Krishna, can touch His true Divine Form.
Dear soul! The roots of Nijanand are very deep. Such a Nijanand has no beginning or no end. It existed even before this universal creation. And, it will be there even after the Final Dissolution of this world. The Lord is always busy showing His Eternal Bliss to His Souls in many different ways. To share the most sacred Love of His heart, first, He implanted His Divine Powers within Sri Krishna in Brij Leela, and sent His Souls (that's US!) as the milk-maids or the Gopies. We failed to realize the true essence of Nijanand. So He played another sports, the Maha Raas Leela with us. After some realization of Nijanand, He awakened us in our Abode, the Paramdham. Still, the Lord had not finished showing the greatness of His Love, so He began to prepare for His Souls another trip to the phenomenal world. Again, He implanted His same Divine Powers (which were with Sri Krishna) within Prophet Muhammad and brought the secret concerning Nijanand as a testimony for the future awakening of His Souls.

Almost 1,000 years passed after Prophet Muhammad. Now, the Lord sent His Souls for these final sports (almost four centuries ago), to the Holy Land of Bharat Varsha (India). He Himself descended twice: first as Buddha Avatar or Isha Rooh Allah in the person of Nijanand Swami Dhani Sri Devchandraji (1581-1655 AD); and second, as Kalki, Buddha Nis-kalanka Avatar, or the Last Imam Mehndi in the person of Mehraj Thakur (1618-1694AD). With this, the Gate to Eternity and Nijanand was opened. The Divine Tartam Knowledge or Para Vidya lighted the Path for the seekers of Eternal Truth.

Dash sahastra varshani panch suryendu parvani |
Kalikshya: bhavishyanti sapt-taraika swagruhi ||
Shalivahan shakat tu gatam sodashkram shatam |
Jivoddharay brahmandey kalkihi pradurbhavishyanti ||
(Bhavishya Dipika: Adh. 3)
Billions of creations came in to being, and Billions of them underwent Final Dissolution before this. And, in none of them did come the Supreme Brahmn Except for this time! While He has come to call His Souls back Home, He will also offer eternity to all the fourteen worlds.
O Hindus! Quit the pantheistic attitude, open your spiritual eyes through the knowledge of the Vedas and recognize the Kalki Avatar. O Muslims! Quit the rigid practice of the Law of Sariah, rise above Tariqat, and realize Hakikat and Marfat through the Wisdom of the Last Imam Mehndi. O Christian and Jewish brothers and sisters! Stop looking for the Second Christ or the Moses just in your community. He has already arrived in hiding—like a thief. Soften your heart and verify the signs and the time of His arrival in the Bible, Torah, Koran on one hand and the Holy Kuljam Swaroop on the other.

As an intellectual being, this may sound like one more claim of supremacy. But this is not our intent. As you may know, the world faiths are divided on the issue of the time and place of His arrival. Many think that He has already arrived, while others think He has not yet arrived. However, a seeker of truth should not be preoccupied in proving such a claim. Even in the case of Prannathji, this is not our focus. The completeness of the Wisdom being introduced here, and its ability to absorb all world faiths should be the focal point. Later, in light of this Divine Wisdom, you will find that the scriptural prophecies of the Hindu, Muslim, and Christian religions are tallying regarding the time, and most importantly, the signs of His arrival. To conclude our introduction, let's say:
'Soi Khuda Soi Brahmn'
One Supreme Truth God
God = Par Brahmn = Allah = Prannath
Krishna = Muhammad = Christ
One Awaited by All
Kalki or Buddha Niskalank Avatar
Last Imam Mehndi = Second Christ = Messiah
One Path to Nijanand..
Unparalleled Exclusive Love
'Prem Brahmn Dou Eak Hai'
God is Love and Love is God